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This list provides information which could be useful to anyone interested in finding out more about the plight of disabled children in Bulgaria and in helping to improve their lives. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to assist you.


1.    Adoption

2.    Donations

3.    Bulgarian legislation and current policies on the issue

4.    What the media say - Bulgarian / International

5.    Human rights monitoring organizations' reports

6.    Support the independent advocacy for disabled children and the observation of human rights



1.  Adoption


The best one could possibly do to help is to adopt a child.


To find out how to do this if you are a foreigner, please contact the adoption agency AMOR :


Bulgarian and foreign citizens can also find adoption information in English and Bulgarian on:



2.  Making  a donation


To help the deinstitutionalisation of disabled children from Mogilino and from other social care homes and to help improve conditions in those homes, you could make donations to Friends of Bulgaria (click HERE) or to some of these charitable organizations:


The trust set up by Kate Blewett (the director of  the film about Mogilino), UK-based


“For Our Children”, the organization which is in Mogilino at the moment, Bulgarian


UNICEF Bulgaria



3.  Bulgarian Legislation and Current Policies


Bulgarian Agency for Child Protection


Bulgarian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy


Bulgarian EU Affairs Minister, personal blog in Bulgarian



4. What the media say


In Bulgaria

Daniela Gorcheva, 4 Oct. 2007

Daniela Gorcheva, 8 Oct. 2007

Iana Domuschieva, Bulgarian Post, 9 Oct. 2007

Bulgarian mothers, 9 Oct. 2007

Bulgarian mothers, 9 Oct. 2007

Julian Popov, 15 Nov. 2007

First British helpers in Bulgaria, 26 Oct. 2007

Interview with Kate Blewett

Cooperation of NGOs and Government, 26 Oct. 2007

Government reaction to British offer of help, 26 Oct. 2007

EU institutions and Mogilino – Analysis, 17 Nov 2007

Interview with a German doctor about children's condition, 19 Nov 2007




Pictures from social care homes shown on Sky news, Apr. 2006,,31200-bulgaria_p11148,00.html

Pictures from Mogilino shown on Sky news, Apr. 2006

Mogilino in Independent UK, 14 Nov 2007



5. Human rights monitoring agencies reports

Report – Amnesty International, Oct 2002

Report – Amnesty International, 2000, 2001 and 2002  (Bulgarian)

Assessment Report On the Conditions and Perspectives of the Institutions for Children in Bulgaria and of the progress made in implementing the government obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Nov. 2006 

Report about all homes and children with special needs, 2002 (Bulgarian)

The Institutions for Children with Special Needs in Bulgaria August 2002



6.  Support the independent advocacy for disabled children and the observation of human rights


Donate to:


Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (donation for Mogilino children)

BG35 UNCR 7630 1405 0868 05,

UniCredit Bulbank,

Sofia 1000,

7 Sveta Nedelya Sq.