Kichevo Summer Camp 2017

A group of from the Family Center for Faith, Hope and Love in Kichevo, near Varna enjoyed a week-long Summer Camp for the first time in the Balkans near Troyan.  The Centre at Kichevo is supported by Bulgarisch-Deutsches Sozialwerk and the Summer Camp was initiated by the Kirill Georgieff Stiftung/Foundation in collaboration with Friends of Bulgaria.


The children took advantage of the rural setting to make flower garlands and indulge in music making and dancing together, together with outdoor ball games. It was also a time for children to consolidate friendships, such as a group of girls sharing interests in Fashion and Styling with ambitions to pursue after school.

The children’s excitement was evident in the little gifts they exchanged accompanied with vocal speeches and their creative collaborated resulted in a birthday gift of a basket woven with a flower to symbolize health together with a hand decorated vase for happiness and many individual pictures drawn as tokens of their appreciation.