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Comparable UK Childrens’ Charity Project Providers

Coram better chances for children


Life Education – mobile units educating primary schools

Music Therapy  -

Fostering & Adoption, eg. Concurrent Planning -


CHICKS is a national children's charity providing free respite breaks to disadvantaged children from all over the UK.

CHICKS began in 1992, and has since provided over 13,000 children with a much needed break.

YMCA Northampton           

Northampton YMCA, 2007 Training for supervisor, Star of Hope’s HalfwayHouse supported accommodation, Sofia 


Read more about OXAB here.



Read more about ZOV here.

Sources and Reference

In 2017 Katia Zlatkova-Doncheva, our local lead manager, undertook a PHD study and published a book in English on ZOV’s results over the last eight years. This study showed a measureable increase in the children’s self-esteem, independence and motivation. The link to the book is below.


Case Studies and Feedback from Children, Municipality, Children Protection Organisation, Staff and Parents (Appendix Five and Six)

Opening Doors 2016

Facts & Figures from Bulgaria. Bulgaria has already started its path towards deinstitutionalisation (DI). The National Strategy for the Child 2008-2018.

UNICEF 2015 annual report Bulgaria


UNICEF 2016 annual report Bulgaria  


EU policy Bulgaria

Bulgaria ON AIR and UNICEF Bulgaria launch a joint campaign for the right of children participation and their ethical media coverage.

NGO - International Womens Club Sofia register (2017)  

Additional Reference

2016 - Mentoring at-risk youth - effects of Bulgarian practical in community-based informal program for social support. International journal Knowledge
2016 - Current Social - Educational Characteristics for children in need
2016 - Current Social - Educational Characteristics for children in need
2015 - Social Institutions in Bulgaria
2014 - NGO's as part of the Social Educational Support for children in need
2014 - Interaction School - Family in the Social Educational Support for children in need
2014 - Family Centres for Children and Youths as part of the Social Educational Support

References as of 2011:

Bulgarian NGO's

•  The Bulgarian Helsinki Committee - A leading Bulgarian NGO, focusing on the protection of human rights.


•  The Mogilino Campaign in Bulgaria, by Slavka Kukova, November 2007. The response of Bulgarian NGOs to the BBC documentary about Mogilino.

•  Alliance for Children and Youth, founded in 1999 by the Free and Democratic Bulgaria Foundation, the Center is the only one of its kind in Bulgaria that offers to street youths aged between 16 and 25 help and consultation on a wide range of problems they face. (EXPIRED)

•  Association for International Adoption and Reintegration - The Association is an Accredited Entity for mediation in Intercountry Adoption and has a permit No. 76 of 28.06.2006, issued by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria for mediation activity in the following countries: Spain, U.S.A., Belgium, Great Britain, Andorra and Canada.

Other Resources

BG insts overview ARK Jan 08.pdf 21.6KB Review of Bulgaria's children institutions, by Laura Parker at ARK. Courtesy of BHC.
SACP report.pdf 17.6KB Report by the State Agency for Child Protection following a visit to Mogilino, 15 Sep 2007. Published in Trud Daily 14 Feb 2008. Courtesy of BHC.
BHC report 070112.pdf 1.0MB Report by the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee on the state of children placement institutions in Bulgaria.


Bulgarian Children's Charities

Charity liaison - Friends of Bulgaria convened Charity Round Table Conferences

Friends of Bulgaria 2008-2009 Waterloo Campus, University College London

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British charities working in Bulgaria - Bulgarian Mothers' Movement - coordinates and supports many projects in placement homes in Stara Zagora - Baga-tur - survival and horse riding school working with disabled children* - the home in Dalbok Dol - Autism Association, Bulgaria - Centre for children with autistic spectrum syndrome in Sofia - Samaritans in BG - Foster parents in Bulgaria - For Our Children - School for children with impaired vision, Sofia - Star of Hope, some of whose projects we have been supporting  -  allied with Dutch charity Help Tabitha - Bulgarian Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities - Alliance for Children and Youth