Friends of Bulgaria Latest Report – 2019

ZOV Summer Camps:

56 children from 5 homes stayed at Baba Stana where they did some walking, learning to cook, making art and craft sessions, theatre and visited local  places of interest.

London Bulgarian School Ivan Stancioff – Karin Dom

Donations collected by pupils from the London Bulgarian School greeting guests in national costume to the 2018 Friends of Bulgaria Christmas Party supported the Karin Dom 2018 Christmas Campaign:

  • the inclusion of children with special needs in Montessori groups.

The donations sent to Karin Dom by school director Mrs. Metcheva enabled 11 more children to benefit from Montessori groups in 2019.

Karin Dom – Support for carers of children with special needs, including Foster Families

18 families benefitted from the week-long therapy courses at Karin Dom.

The families are all drawn from municipalities outside Varna (Karlovo, Plovdiv, Sofia, Bourgas, Razgrad) and include 6 families with foster children. The Course is intended to help parents and carers deal with children with disruptive behaviour, lack of concentration as well as physiological conditions: autism, cerebral palsy etc.

Observation of a course at Karin Dom, August 2019

In a private room, the child engages individually with a psychologist and a speech therapist, with parent/carer observing in order to participate as progress allows. Typically, the speech therapist will demonstrate an activity with hands held high close to their eyes to attract the child’s eyes to meet theirs.

Activities call on memory and motor skills/co-ordination and include placing shapes into slots, matching colours, fitting jig-saw shapes & images, matching pairs and relating opposites, grouping subjects etc. Each activity had a structured conclusion, generally involving praise for the child and disciplining it to clear the table of games parts, tidying into boxes and putting back on shelves etc.

Observing on Day 3 of 5 day course, the bond developing between child and therapists was leading to a focussed, animated and trusting demeanour in the child. The parent/carer’s concern for the child and engagement with the process was also evident.

Friends of Bulgaria Latest Report – 2019
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