Lovec, Paraskeva Neikova Dom 2011-2014

In 2011, Friends of Bulgaria received a proposal directed by Bishop Gavril of Lovec for funding a project of activities at the Paraskeva Neikova Dom (Home) drawn up by the Director, Valeria Baramova.

The Paraskeva Neikova Dom was then a Family Centre in Lovec catering for 27 children and adolescents (7-18 yrs. 16 girls, 11 boys)., with the older teenagers accommodated separately in an adjacent supported housing unit.

The project proposal submitted consisted of a course of activities over a period of 12 months, outlining an ambitious range of activities requiring staffing levels which were not identified.

At the end of 2011, Christmas gifts generously donated by the congregations of the Astwell Benefice in Northamptonshire were distributed to the children from the Paraskeva Neikova Centre.

Santa distributing Christmas Gifts

from Astwell Benefice, Northamptonshire at the Paraskeva Neikova Dom, Lovec – in the presence of Bishop Gavril of Lovec (right)

Through Friends of Bulgaria children from the Centre participated in Summer Camps close to the Troyan Monastery in two consecutive years, 2012 and 2013, with an organised programme of activities arranged by Stelyiana Vulkova from nearby Oreshak.

Since changes in the appointed directors of the Centre, contact was lost in 2014.

Lovec, Paraskeva Neikova Dom 2011-2014
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